Our poultry are free range and pastured and raised without hormones or antibiotics.

Currently available (Oct, 2012):

Eggs, $3/dozen.

Whole chickens, frozen. $5/pound. (Most are in the 3-4 pound range.)

Order by emailing cragcrest@gmail.com

Meat sold is USDA-inspected, vacuum-packed and frozen. (Unfrozen available by special request.)

2012: We are taking a year off from turkeys and guineas this year. In 2012  we are selling chickens and eggs. To reserve your meat chickens, email us cragcrest@gmail.com

2011: This year we are raising geese, guineas and chickens. Sign up now to reserve your poultry. Chickens available in July. Guineas and geese in October. Delivery available.

2010: We are selling heritage turkeys and chickens this year. Sign up early to reserve your turkey.

To place an order, arrange for a farm visit or find out more, email us: cragcrest@gmail.com